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36th America’s Cup 2021

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments


America’s Cup 2021

The 36th America’s Cup introduced by Prada is a version of America’s Cup yacht race. What makes this one more exciting and even shocking than the rest of it is that it will be challenged by the victors of the 2017 America’s Cup. It is expected to start from Saturday, 6th of March and end somewhere around Sunday, 21st of March. Good news for people residing in New Zealand, located in the main access by the sea to Auckland in Waitemata Harbor. An energising new class of viewing boats, the AC75, a thwarting monohull, any semblance of which had never been seen, is to be cast in America’s cup 2021.

The year 2021 imprints the remarkable anniversary of 150 years of Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, which couldn’t have been done without the representation by Emirates Team New Zealand. This is not it, the club is sorting out a profusion of occasions related to America’s Cup itself, so buckle up for that, because the fun is yet to start.

A few of the prominent teams that you would be able to witness in the sailing event include Emirates Team New Zealand, Luna Rossa Challenge, Stars & Stripes Team USA, INEOS TEAM UK, and New York Yacht Club American Magic. These teams will be presented in America’s cup.

Teams are allowed to put their hands on the boats and can build up to two boats each. It is expected that the shining sleek boats will be manufactured and built in the country, as the fierce battle awaits. 2021 will definitely hit the benchmark for New Zealand where Sailors will dive into their crafted beauties and race with whatever they have in them. It is time we hear their heart beating with the sounds of light waves moving their masculine boats. 

Bid your farewell to Floating this time in America’s Cup, because AC75 will make us fly. The magic of Running 60 miles an hour with no engine of any sort. If this does not sound like a big deal, then let me tell you that it travels 4 times the speed of the air. Blown? Sure, you are. This America’s Cup boat has pushed the game up for everyone because nothing can beat the thing that flies.

The relation between the guest and the host will be held as the first priority. There are VIP hotels alongside corporate hospitality for accommodation, not only for the sailors but also for the spectators viewing the race. We also provide VIP spectator boats for the ultimate viewing experience. With stays in Grand Mercure Auckland, which will give you the perfect view of the water, Grand Millennium Auckland, for a fantastic and lavish stay which you will not forget for the rest of your life.

There is always something happening in Auckland, but this event is not something to miss. Join in now and see sailors race their boats as their hearts race even faster, America’s cup 2021, it is all to happen very soon. 

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