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America’s Cup Teams

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

The upcoming and awaited America’s Cup 2021, will serve to be a box which is ready to explode with intensified thrill and interest that will get your eyes glued to the sailors in the game. The preparations in Auckland are on the highest peaks at the moment as New Zealand is the challenger, being the former winner of the cup. This upcoming sailing event had Luna Rossa (ITA), American Magic (USA), INEOS Team UK (GBR), Stars & Stripes Team USA (USA), and DutchSail (NED) buckled up for the game as challengers whereas Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL) is all set as the defender of the game. But the Dutch withdrawal has now turned the game in a new direction.

The entries for America’s Cup 2021 were held in 2018 from January to June. In which, six teams were expected to enter the tournament and eventually they did. But unfortunately, some of the teams were not able to meet the requirements for entering the game. Despite the fact that late entry with some additional charges was possible, firstly Malta, and now the Netherlands has announced its withdrawal from the game. It was due to the inability to meet the sponsorship requirement and hence the financial factor made the Dutch team to withdraw from the game. Though America’s Cup 2021 supported every team to the fullest, they were still not able to make it. The new AC75 boats are also a new addition to the list of things America’s Cup 2021 is bringing us. These boats are designed with efficiency and will enhance the challenging nature of the event even more. Watching this thrilling contest on the location of Auckland will increase the charm and fun of the game.

In the announcement, DutchSail approved of the humble and generous support of the country and also the board of America’s Cup 2021 throughout the campaign. According to DutchSails, they will be following the 36th America’s Cup closely and will join the next edition of America’s Cup with a great comeback. Although financial constraints stopped DutchSails from participating this time, let us hope to see them fighting their way up in upcoming America’s Cup challenges.

The 2021 America’s Cup, has created a buzz for the audiences as well as the participants, with its enormous and competitiveness in the game. The trophy of America’s Cup is one of the oldest ones in International sports. It has a long history and it also attracts people who are not even interested in the sailing events. The lifetime experience of watching America’s Cup live is something you can never achieve any other way. Also, WMG’s VIP spectator boats with prime viewing locations, and our best available America’s Cup hospitality packages are a great deal of comfort while allowing you to have the time of your life at this spectacular event. Looks like for now, it has so much to offer that will provide us with a rollercoaster ride while viewing.

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