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Incentive and Rewards

by | Aug 19, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

Corporate retreats aren’t only for executives or top dogs, but employees working particularly hard should be kept in mind while thinking of an office retreat. Office retreats can be a perfect way to reward your top performers. On corporate retreats, management can show their appreciation and gratitude toward their staff through many recreational activities.

Staff are the heart of any organisation and we are experts at delivering ways to inspire and reward their contribution to your company’s success. We can create the ultimate competition within your business to make sure you see a clear return of investment with increased sales and building loyalty and passion any company would be proud of.

Interaction is one of the main benefits of a corporate retreat, team building. You can work in an organisation for years and get to know your colleges, but once it’s taken out of office lifelong bonds are created. When relieved from pressure/working environment people become their true selves.

Whether you’re a company of two or two thousand, differentiating the pace with a retreat will inspire cross-departmental collaborations and re-motivate your team. One of the reasons corporate retreats are greeted with scrutiny is some organisations think they lose out on valuable in office time, but actually this time provides employees with a moment to step back and reassess their work, skip back to the office with renewed energy which turns into a contented prolific employee.

Incentive travel is another perfect way of rewarding your top performers WMG have managed VIP incentive trips to the Nevada Desert for the incredible Burning Man Festival to the Champions League Final in Kiev and of course a few classic safaris in Kenya. Whatever reward we design for your top performers it is expertly managed by our events team and utterly delivered with your goals in mind.

Your business has the opportunity of growing its sales and giving your staff the chance to experience a once in a life time excursion. When it comes to achieving business goals, driving performance, motivating teams and more importantly recognising hard work and achievements.

The end result in rewarding your top achievers is more revenue for your company, a positive attitude and better staff retention.

WMG is the first choice for companies seeking VIP corporate hospitality on a global scale. Our clients, many of them the world’s largest corporations, depend on us to deliver world-class hospitality at the best sports and cultural events not only in the UK, but in every corner of the globe. At WMG, we have the partnerships and experience to create and deliver hospitality packages that guarantee your guests an unforgettable experience, amplifying your brand in even the most competitive marketplace.