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Japan at Rugby World Cup

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

Japan’s Incredible Rugby World Cup Run.

This year, Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup and has been playing like a roller coaster. At the City of Toyota, Japan played against Samoa in the Pool A and won by the ratio of 38-19. Kotaro Matsushima was responsible for this win as he made the goal in the last try. This one point helped Japan make history as they reached the quarter-finals for the first time.

On the other hand, Samoa tried its best to keep up the audience’s hopes as they made seven points in the last few minutes of the match. This signifies that they tried their best to play with enthusiasm and took the clash as a challenge. However, Matsushima and Kenki Fukuoka will be playing in the Pool A match against Scotland and will have an edge of the home support, good for them!

When we talk about Ireland, Yu Tamura made three penalties in the first half, and Taefu scored three-pointers all on his own. Then came Samoa, who had 14 men for ten minutes, and Timothy Lafaele had to touch down the opening try of the Japan. On the other, Taefu from the Samoa kicked back successfully with 16-9 down and the third penalty with the half.

Kazuki Himeno tried his best for the Japanese team, but Taefu jumped in the last six minutes and built the pressure. Then, Fukuoka scored the third try for Japan, and Matsushima was there to add the cherry to the cake with his fourth try. This earned them an extra point, which puts them at the edge of a match against Scotland. It is forecasted that this one bonus point will make a huge difference. Many people say that it will even help Japan shape up the Final, so, fingers crossed for Japan!

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