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Super Bowl – Steeped in history.

The biggest event in the NFL is just a couple months away as the teams are vying for playoff positioning, which is crucial to increase chances to make it to the Super Bowl.  This season’s Super Bowl, the 54th since the Green Bay Packers won the inaugural event will...

Olympics Games – Steeped in history.

Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece almost 3000 years ago - brought back in the late 19th century. Initially, before the 70’s only amateur players were allowed to take part in the Games. Later, in the late 80s, the Games were opened for professional athletes....

Olympics 2020 – What, When and Where?

The biggest quadrennial sporting event is set to be held in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2020. Preparations are underway to host the biggest event of the year in the capital. With less than a year left, the Japanese are working hard to welcome the large number of athletes...

Build up to 2020 Olympics, Tokyo

The official logo for next year’s Olympic Games 2020 is made by a local named Asao Tokolo.In the year 2020, Japan will be hosting its second Olympic Games, fifty-six years after organising the previous one in 1964. The summer edition of the games will be hosted in the...

Rafael Nadal – Top ATP Ranking 2019

Rafael Nadal and his ATP points gainedHow he passed Novak Djokovic to be the World’s No. 1 The Spanish tennis star, Rafael Nadal has clinched the no. 1 ATP ranking at this year’s end for the fifth time. His position was confirmed after the Nitto ATP Finals and...

Japan at Rugby World Cup

Japan's Incredible Rugby World Cup Run.This year, Japan is hosting the Rugby World Cup and has been playing like a roller coaster. At the City of Toyota, Japan played against Samoa in the Pool A and won by the ratio of 38-19. Kotaro Matsushima was responsible for this...