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Rugby a Gentleman’s Game

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Sport Events | 0 comments

To the casual observer, rugby union is an extremely tough, physical sport. Professional rugby players are some of the fittest people on the planet and their bodies go through a great deal, especially in international test matches, like the Six Nations.

However, despite the number of hard tackles and sheer force at which the players collide and do battle during the 80 minutes of an international match, the players remain on their best behaviour. The referee has a microphone attached and it is switched on during the match. People at home, watching on television and those with Ref Link inside Twickenham can hear everything being said between the players and the officials.

The players always remain respectful towards the referee and are often heard referring to him as ‘sir’. Whatever decision the referee comes to, the players accept it and may ask a question as to why the decision is given but will never intimidate him.

Following the final whistle, the players form a tunnel so each team is applauded off by the opponent, regardless of the final score. Respect is the key word in rugby and the players have admiration for each other’s work and that of the officials. There is no cheating in rugby, the players try their best to stay on their feet and keep going whenever possible, feigning injury is a weakness and frowned upon.

Rugby players have huge pride in playing for their country. It’s an honour to line up and sing the national anthem and you will often see players moved to tears before an international rugby match. The good-natured fans also add to the experience of international rugby. Fans from different countries can mix inside the stadium and the banter is always good humoured.

These are the reasons why rugby has always attracted very high calibre sponsors, such as RBS, Old Mutual Health and HSBC, three well-known and highly respected names. These companies believe the sport of rugby matches their own philosophies. However, you do not have to be a big name in business or finance to get involved in international rugby, at the highest level.

England entertain Australia in a Test Match at Twickenham on Saturday 18th November 2017 and the event will be sponsored by QBE Insurance. QBE is a highly regarded global insurer and their outlook on business matches that of international rugby. Being one of the largest commercial insurers in the UK, QBE are in a great position to show off their brand in conjunction with international rugby and the autumn Test Match between England and Australia.

Fortunately, you can also get your business involved and take key clients to Twickenham to enjoy the match between England and Australia. VIP corporate Hospitality at Twickenham with WMG Events is the perfect way to entertain clients. Not only will you be mixing with like-minded people, sharing ideas and concluding deals, you will enjoy an outstanding day of world class sport, played in the right spirit.

Thanks to WMG Events, you can show your business in the same light as RBS, HSBC and QBE by entertaining key clients at Twickenham. So if you are looking for a guaranteed way to build business relationships then contact our team at

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