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Rugby World Cup 2019.

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

Rugby World 2019 is going to be a thrilling one as the teams battle it out to be crowned champion with the moves already shaking us up. Ever since the announcement by the rugby union, the fans have been anxiously waiting for the day to arrive. If we go back in history, the first Rugby World Cup was held in 1987. The frequency of the Rugby World Cup is after every four years, and the competition is always fierce.

So, if you are new to it, we are going to explain some Rugby World Cup essentials for you to build a knowledge level. Let’s get started, then!

How Does It All Work?

Planning, designing, and implementing, and organising such significant events isn’t a joke, and it requires a lot of efforts and mindful insights. So, there are overall 20 team positions for the Rugby World Cup and the team compete to win the game. If one team reached the knockout, they are considered eligible for the next match automatically.

In Rugby World Cup 2019, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Russia, Japan, Samoa, New Zealand, South Africa, Namibia, Italy, France, USA, Tonga, Argentina, Australia, Fiji, Uruguay, Georgia and Canada are the twenty teams that are going to show all they have got!

As there are 20 members, four groups have been made with five countries each. The top two groups are likely to qualify for the quarterfinals, then semifinals, and finally the finals! Now, in case of the losing semi-finalist, there are playoffs for the bronze medal.

The Same Whistle

The whistle used in Rugby World Cup 2019 has historic values attached to it as it was used in 1905 during the match between England and New Zealand. However, just to add to your knowledge, New Zealand won the game by fifteen, which is a big leap.

In 1905, the referee was Welshman Gil Evans, but after that, it was handed over to Albert Freethy, another amazing referee of the history. Albert kept using the same whistle, and it was noticed in the year 1924, twenty years after Gil Evan gave him the whistle.

However, the iconic whistle was handed over to the New Zealand Rugby Museum in 1969, and after that, it was used in 1987 to commence the game!

Rugby World Cup Trophy

If you have been reading about history, you would know that the trophy is called William Webb Ellis Cup. The resources say that the cup is named after the person who invented the game. The references narrate that it all started in 1823 when William Webb Ellis picked up the football and started running with it. So, that is the moment when Rugby was invented, an iconic moment for sure!

The Biggest Score Line

At the Rugby World Cup 2003, Australia beat Namibia by whooping 142-0, and no one has ever been able to break that record!

The Top Scorers

At the Rugby World Cup 2003, Jonny Wilkinson scored 277 point, 14 drop-goals, 28 conversions, and 58 penalties. One of his drop-goal ensured the win of England against Australia.

The Women World Cup

The tenure is the same, and the next Women Rugby World Cup is to start in New Zealand in the year 2021. However, they have not added the word “Women” in the 2021 World Cup because they want to get rid of all the gender discriminations!


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