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Tokyo’s Debt Crisis vs 2020 Summer Games

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

With the bar of excitement leveling up for the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, the enthusiasm is quite unbearable for the audience and the sports enthusiasts. This grand multi-sport event with all its magnificence and glory is approaching us next year in Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo is already gleaming with the preparations and polishing being done for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games. The tickets have been sold out in huge amounts, and the infrastructures of many new venues built in Tokyo for this Olympic battle.

Well, undoubtedly the Games will be phenomenal, but when we take a look at Japan’s economy, we might want to look closely.

The uncertain and unstable economic conditions of Japan because of the massive debt is quite something to consider when keeping track of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games. The debt is of approximately $11trillion which is one of the highest among the developed nations of the world. With the exquisite preparations of the 36th Olympics Games and the building of different infrastructures to serve as venues for the games, is altogether a huge expense which is both risky and unpredictable for the economical settings in Japan. According to a predictional calculation, Japan would make $30 billion out of Tokyo 2020 Summer Games which is not big as the debt is so much bigger than the earning, serving to be a drop in the ocean. Anyway, Tokyo is quite positive and contented with the kind of response it is receiving from the people in attending and sponsoring the Olympics.

Apart from that, the 2013 games were a hint of disaster in Tokyo winding up catastrophes one after the other. But anyhow, we can not compare the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games to the former ones with all the tickets sold out and the raging enthusiasm in the fields. It is notably hard to say if Tokyo has Olympics under consideration or if it is the other way round. Time will tell how much of the Olympics it can bear to accommodate with its economic crisis stretching off-limits. No matter what the circumstances become, we know one thing for sure that Tokyo will be at its highest next year with the grand celebration of the biggest multi-sports event. The fun, energy, and effort, will be worth witnessing this time.

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