Volvo Ocean Race finishes at the Hague

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The Volvo Ocean Race has just been released by WMG Events and we have already got a couple of companies on board for our VIP hospitality during the finishing stages at the Hague in the Netherlands which will be the first time the race has ended here.

Formerly called the Whitbread Round The World Race, is as it sounds a yacht race that spans the globe and is held every three years. It now is sponsored by the Volvo Group and has been this way since 2001.

The hosts being the Netherlands are the record holders having won this race three time and Conny Van Rietschoten is the Dutch captain who holds the record of winning it twice which is some feat.

Each team has a crew of 9 professionals who race day and night for more than 20 days at a time. The crew members are required to be more than just sailors, they are trained in medical response, sail-making, diesel engine repair, electronics, nutrition, mathematics, and hydraulics. There is also a dedicated media crew member who does not contribute to the sailing of the boat.

Summer 2018 will see the climax of one of the world’s greatest sporting events, taking place off the coast of The Hague. The eyes of sailing fans worldwide will be focused on the Netherlands as the boats finish in the port of Scheveningen after a gruelling eight month battle.

The Finish of the Volvo Ocean Race in The Hague will be a celebration for both the Dutch and international sailing communities. For nine days straight, everything in and around the port of Scheveningen will be focused on sailing and water sports. The finish promises to be a true spectacle for sailors, the general public and the local business community.

Besides numerous water sport activities and social programmes, the event boasts plenty of entertainment. The Volvo Ocean Race is one of the top three sailing events in the world, alongside the Olympics and America’s Cup, and it is a major B2B platform. The Volvo Ocean Race Finish offers a variety of Guest Experience. So let’s set sail together towards The Hague 2018.

Race Package

The best way to follow the action of any of the races  (Legends, Pro-Am and In-Port) is to experience it from the water. Race Package participants have the choice of boarding a VIP boat or RIB. On board a RIB you get the chance to sail alongside the boats and see them in action right up close.  But beware: you will get wet! For those that prefer a more peaceful day, hop aboard a VIP boat. Get close enough to experience the thrill of the race while enjoying a relaxing  drink. Before and after the race you will be welcomed in the Beach Lounge.

Day Packages


  • Reception in Beach Lounge with coffee, tea and biscuits
  • Extensive lunch buffet
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Guided tour through the Volvo Ocean Race festival area
  • RIB or VIP Experience


Want to get involved in VIP Corporate Hospitality at the Hague?


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