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What Does The European Tour Bring To Golf Fans?

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

Europe’s primitive golf tour, PGA European Tour has successfully contributed its services in promoting the golf game across the globe. It is certainly making a difference with its services and principles in this sport. The current European Tour is to be held this year with the same excitement building up in the golf fans. Its sole purpose is to increase the income of tournament golfers to the maximum level. It goes back to a wide history, as it was founded in 1972. It is going to be the 48th season of European Tour this year in September. The golf fans get the belief that the golf culture is going to persist in this world with the European Tour taking care of that.

One major rendition that the coming European Tour will be bringing to us, is the newly decided strict rules against slow play. The criticism faced by many for their slow play will now be taken care of as the newly imposed increased number of fines. This has exceptionally attracted people with the new change awaiting them. This is because of how the game has become more interesting with this small changing. Mostly the events captured in the European tour take place in Western Europe. But the significant ones can be anywhere from UK, Spain, Germany, Ireland, to France. Also, it has partnered with Ryder Cup to maintain the value of golfing. Holding 60% interest in the Ryder Cup, it cooperates with the matches of the Ryder Cup.

Basically, European tours are divided into three categories by the organisation. The elite European Tour, the European Senior Tour, and the evolutionary Challenge Tour. Founded by the Professional Golfers’ Association, European Tour has promisingly shouldered the responsibility of promoting the golf culture across the nations. Also, it has a motive of integrating golf in academics and schools. Innovations have always been a part of the European Tour. There are two series known on the behalf of the European Tour season. Firstly, the Order of Merit was the name of the money list until 2009. Then it got replaced by Race to Dubai, which then became the Rolex Series from 2017. The Rolex Series has higher funds and eight huge events. The number of events may increase in the coming years. This brings in more money into the golf sport.

Moreover, the European Tour has a charitable background and has been working to empower golf. Well, if you are sure to become a part of this golf-oriented sporting event, then make sure to opt for an effective hospitality package to make your experience a level up. The European Tour has been working endlessly to make sure that the culture of golf does not perish. The empowerment and promotion it has been providing should be considered as remarkable service. Join hands with the European Tour to help in their cause and motive.


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