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What has changed? America’s Cup 2021 vs 2017

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Sport Events | 0 comments

America’s Cup, the most celebrated sailing event in the world, is showing up its next charismatic move in 2021. The splashes, speed, swirls, paddles, and crashes of America’s Cup are all worth witnessing. The 36th America’s Cup in 2021 is expected to be even more intense and magnanimous than the one that took place in Bermuda, in 2017.

The main difference is in terms of yacht designs and sizes. This time the AC75 yachts to be used in America’s Cup 2021, will make the AC50s look very tiny which were used in 2017. The AC75 to be used in 2021, measures 23m in length. With the capacity to contain 11 crew members, it has a height of 26.5m. Also, they weigh 6.5 tons. On the other hand, AC50s were less capacious and could hold only 5 crew members which were 15m in length, and 23.6m in height., along with 2.5 tons of weight.

The AC75 has a bold design that will outperform the previous models with its high functional ability on the sail. It is a design which will prove to be quite challenging for the contestants to handle. The T-foils and self-righting concepts of the AC75 are exceptional in terms of sailing safety. The pace of the AC75 yachts will make the game more thrilling and exciting for the audience. Hence, in every way, AC75 has made the game better for us.

This magnificent sailing event, which is going to explode its majestic charm in Auckland, New Zealand, will be as intense and interesting as it can be. The A75 monohulls which will be used in America’s Cup 2021, are complicated boats which can although turn upside down but won’t drown because of the heaviness. Hence, its structure will fit the requirements without the risk of a pitch-pole scenario.

One more interesting turn-over in the 36th America’s Cup, is the withdrawal of some teams which leave only Luna Rossa, American Magic, Stars and Stripes, and Ineos in the game. Due to this withdrawal of some teams, the game has become more appealing and intense for the fans.

The structure building of the yachts plays an important role in this magnanimous sailing event. If the AC75 design is not projected properly, then you might see it rolling over during the sail. If you are planning to attend America’s Cup 2021, then buckle yourself up for some thrilling events you will observe in the race.

You can already smell the competitive aura that the world is going to witness in 2021 in America’s Cup. The promising design and efficiency of the yachts can already be felt. You will have an amazing experience by availing any of our America’s Cup Hospitality package to have a comfortable encounter with the sailing phenomena. Auckland is all set to provide a competitive tournament for all the teams. With all the thrill and fun double this time.

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